Welcome to The Bagel Shop and our lovely website. Having been founded in 2020 by Dan and Mills (and joined by Josh in 2021), following redundancies during the Great Coronavirus Pandemic, we are a friendly, East Devon business specialising in providing great food to our customers every day.


With an emphasis on organic, local produce - inspired by Devon’s natural ‘larder’, we cater for everyone; whether you’re an avid meat eater, prefer the vegan options in life, or simply require gluten-free choices - we have it all! We mix our local approach with worldly flavours so that as you munch on your bagel, you’re instantly transported off to the foothills of the Swiss Alps, the deserts of Mexico or the sunny shores of the Caribbean. 


Pop into store to view our seasonal specials or take a browse on our online shop. 

If you’ve already eaten, fear not, as we have the World’s Favourite Coffee, Lavazza, ready to be enjoyed alongside a squirt of Monin’s wonderful array of syrups - anyone for a Gingerbread Latte or Caramel Hot Chocolate?! We also stock cakes and pastries made by the yummy Ryder’s Bakery in Exeter, which are available both in-store and online, along with cold drinks and sweet treats.


Finally, don’t forget we offer a home, office and college delivery service (similar to Deliveroo, JustEat or UberEats), where all our menu can be ordered either for delivery ASAP or for a specific time - click here to order. If you have a limited lunch break, you can also order ahead to collect your food exactly when you want it! (Please note, the delivery service is seasonal - stay tuned to our social media to see whether it's active!). 


Whether you plan to order online or visit us in-store, we look forward to providing you with our wonderful service soon. 


Dan, Mills & Josh x